Interpretation of the Connected, Clear Expression in Surat Al-Isra Analytical Study

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Mahdi Kais Abdul Karim Al-Janabi


The aim of the research is to know the meaning of "Interpretation by the Connected, Clear Expression in Surat Al-Isra". The research explained the importance of knowing what is meant by those verses. Actually, it has great importance in guiding the researchers to clarify the verses' intended meaning. Therefore, it can fill the gap of audacity in theorizing and the hollow rooting in evaluating the points of view of the interpreters and accusing them of error and invalidity. Consequently, the researcher has adopted the analytical inductive approach based on a careful and deliberate reading of the verses of Surat Al-Israa. The research included a set of important findings, which are represented by the fact that "Interpretation by the Connected, Clear Expression" has great importance. It includes revealing the meanings of the Qur’anic verses and guiding the interpreters to know these meanings without confusion, concealment, or claiming cancellation or exclusion. Because "Interpretation by the Connected, Clear Expression" is divided into types and sections, researchers and interpreters must take them into account when interpreting. Thus, the apparent interpretation does not prevail over the meaning of the spirit of the text, so we will not avoid its intention and distance ourselves from its symbols and aims. Interpretation by the Connected, Clear Expression in Surat Al-Isra" explained in many verses as the Almighty said: {Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him, and that ye be kind to parents}, {Say not to them a word of contempt} and {Behold! We said to the angles: "bow down unto Adam": they bowed down except Iblis} and other verses. In fact, Interpretation by the Connected, Clear Expression guided us to knowing what the Lord wants from them. A careful reading of the Quranic verses, relying on their context and an explanation of their continuity for the concealment of their entirety, reduces our differences in understanding their meanings and removes from us morbid ignorance in evaluation and guidance. Finally, researcher recommends paying attention to the Interpretation by the Connected, Clear Expression, probing its secrets, deducing its hidden pearls and its great wisdom, and collecting them in independent scientific research.


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