Munāqashah Al-Shaykh Al-Sha‘rāwī li Al-Shubuhāt Ḥawl Al-Qur’ān Al-Karīm fī Tafsīrihi: Dirāsah Istiqrā’iyyah Taḥlīliyyah

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Sami Samir
Usman Jakfar


The Noble Qur’an is the first source of Muslims’ belief and law, and it is the evidence of the truthfulness of prophethood of Muḥammad, may God peace and blessing upon him. Defaming it and raising suspicions around it is the first goal of anyone who aims to destroy Islam and undermine its foundations, and as God pledged in His Qur’an to preserve the Qur’an after confirming His revelation from Him, the Almighty has taken charge of answering suspicions about the Qur’an in many verses. However, the torrent of suspicions continues and is constantly renewed as long as Islam continues, which necessitates Muslims to play their part in clarifying the matter, and detailing its reality for each learner or stubborn one. The problem of the research centers on the fact that Sheikh Al-Sha‘rāwī, may God have mercy on him, made good efforts in studying suspicions about the Qur’an and responding to them, and these efforts were not studied before.This research came to cover this aspect of his thought, adopting the two inductive and analytical research methods; in collecting the views of the Sheikh and his responses about the suspicions on the Holy Qur’an, analyzing them and trying to benefit from them in the study of contemporary and emerging suspicions. The research reached a number of results, including: Sheikh Al-Sha‘rāwī discussed a large number of suspicions about the source of the Qur’an, and the contradiction in its verses, as he studied suspicions about linguistic errors in the Qur’an and responded to them.


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