Mafhūm Al-Wasaṭiyyah wa Mushtaqqātuhā: Dirāsah Taḥlīliyyah fī Al-Mafāhīm Al-Mu‘āṣarah Al-Mut‘allaqah bi Muṣṭalaḥ Al-Wasaṭiyyah

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Ali Ali Gobaili Saged


This article aims to identify the most critical contemporary concepts related to the term "mediocrity", the non-systematic treatments that these concepts were subjected to, and the repercussions and effects of those treatments, as well as to identify the most critical motives and sources of those non-systematic treatments of the concept of the term "mediocrity", and then try to liberate the ideas of the term "middle, moderation" and its derivatives in the language, according to the semantics of the texts. This article followed the analytical-critical approach in dealing with the vocabulary of the article to reach the results, the most important of which was: that the term “mediocrity” is not a legal term, as it does not exist in the texts nor in the terminology of the people of Sharia and their well-known heritage books, just as there is no presence of this term and its derivation in Language books and dictionaries. And that it is a new and contemporary term that has been subjected to treatments with non-systematic concepts and connotations: such as the concept of intermediation between two things and the idea of uncontrolled facilitation in religiosity, as well as taking the easiest of the sayings of the jurists.


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Research Article (Arabic)