Al-Ittijāh Al-Fiqhī fī Tafsīr (Marāḥ Labīd li Kashf Ma‘nā Al-Qur’ān Al-Majīd) li Al-Shaykh Muḥammad Nawawī Al-Jāwī Al-Indunīsī (d:1898M) Sūrah Al-Mā’idah Namūdhajan: Dirāsah Waṣfiyyah Taḥlīliyyah)

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Saeed bin Abdullah Alkatere
Hassan Salem Habshan


The Indonesian Sheikh Muhammad Nawawi Al-Jawi (d.: 1898 AD) is considered one of the most prominent scholars in Indonesia, and he had a great impact in spreading jurisprudence, interpretation, the Arabic language, and many sciences. As his interpretation (Marah Labeed) was distinguished by the fact that he wrote it in the Arabic language, and in his interpretation, he tended to present the jurisprudential rulings in an easy and accessible manner, and mentioned the sayings of the schools in many issues of the verses of rulings, and the research adopts the descriptive and analytical approach; It depends on description, analysis and classification; In order to reach general results and provisions. Among the most prominent findings of the researcher from the results is that despite the Shafi’i faith of Al-Nawawi Al-Bantani Al-Jawi, his interpretation is an important jurisprudential reference for the jurisprudence of the Companions and followers, may God be pleased with them, and the jurisprudence of the Hanafis and Malikis as well. Since many issues of his jurisprudential interpretation captured the sayings of the Companions and followers, and the school of opinion, and he neglects to mention the doctrine of Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal in many issues, except for one issue, which is breastfeeding.


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