Quranic Education at the Kampung Siglap Mosque in Singapore: An Exploratory Study

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Muhamad Alihanafiah Norasid
Mohd Sobri Ellias
Khairunnisa Shamshulbahri


Kampung Siglap Mosque is a model mosque that applies the study of the Quran systematically and extensively in Singapore. The establishment of Darul Quran at Siglap Mosque is a major initiative in providing a curriculum for studying the Quran for all Muslims in Singapore. This article therefore reveals the Qur'anic study in mosque institutions in Singapore by focusing on the study of the Qur'an at the Kampung Siglap Mosque. The background of the Quran study program and special activities at Darul Quran is discussed in this article. The study also touches on the contribution of Darul Quran Mosque Siglap to the Muslim community of Singapore. This study uses historical methods, exploratory methods, and descriptive methods in revealing the study of the Qur'an in Singapore mosque institutions. As a result of the research, mosques in Singapore provide exposure to the knowledge of the Quran to the community in a formal and informal way. There are Islamic learning modules 'aLive' and 'ADIL' systematically established in several mosques in Singapore and among the contents of the module is related to the study of the Quran. Darul Quran Masjid Siglap excels in the study of the Quran in Singapore and it is the main focus for Singaporean Muslims to deepen their knowledge of the Quran. Darul Quran also provides basic, intermediate, and advanced programs in deepening the knowledge of the Quran, in addition to collaborating with several institutions in Malaysia such as Darul Quran JAKIM and UPSI. The Darul Quran contribution of Siglap Mosque was also clearly observed through the accreditation of skilled Quranic teaching staff which was endorsed by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS).


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