Sheikh Ibn 'Ajibah: An Introduction

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Firdaus Sulaiman
Zulkifli Mohd Yusoff


Shaykh Ibn 'Ajibah is one of the Moroccan Sufi scholars who contributed significantly to the Muslim thought. This study seeks to introduce him by exposing some aspects of his life. Among the aspects of his life that are discussed here are his family background and education, his involvement in mysticism, and his preaching to the way of Allah. The study also presents the writing works of Shaykh Ibn 'Ajibah throughout his life. The study finds that Shaykh Ibn 'Ajibah was a Sufi who had strong Islamic sciences background. He mastered Arabic, Quran and its exegesis, Hadith and its explanations, Islamic jurisprudence, and Sufism. His strength was not only the ability to teach them, but he also produced writings in the form of books in these areas. His life was evident with struggles as a scholar who inherited the prophetic struggles.


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Research Article (Malay)