Control Elements and its Patronal Organizations in the Activity of Quranic Translation in Malaysia

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Kasyfullah A. Kadir
Idris Mansor


As a sacred text for Muslims, the Holy Qur’an contains many sensitive features that need to be carefully dealt with when translating it into other languages. This is to preserve the content of the Qur’an from errors and manipulations. As such, control mechanisms and patronage need to come into play in order to regulate translations of the Qur’an. This article studied and discussed control mechanisms for Qur’an translations employed in Malaysia, and it also looked into the organizations involved in this effort. To achieve these objectives, this study has examined a number of documents. The findings are also further supported by data from interviews. The study found that Malaysia enforces regulations on Qur’an translation activities through statutes, enactments, guidelines and Islamic legal rulings. The organizations involved in the regulations are the Ministry of Home Affairs, aided by the representative of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, as well as state religious authorities and the Fatwa Committee of the National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs in Malaysia.


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Research Article (Malay)