Teleological Methodology in the Quran and Sunnah and its Impact on Nation’s Civilization

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Mahrous M. Basyouni


Islam has always been concern with generating and finding the causes and purposes behind any actions or movements, because of its influence on human development and civilization and which require clarity of missions and goals. Islam also draws attention concerning consequences of the absence of such approach through clarifying its effect on the revival of societies. By the revelation of the Holy Quran, methodology of thinking enriched and significance of purposeful conscious intellect improved.  Therefore, awareness is raised regarding absence, falsifying or restricting its talents and capabilities. Furthermore, Islam tends to lead human intellect to the right path throughout specific prospectives to avoid barbarism and misguidance, including all other obstacles preventing it from inspiring the revival of Islamic civilization. The importance of this research is due to being a substantial phase in the presence of civilization in Islamic nation throughout deriving principles from old texts and transcripts. The research concludes that the existence of civilization in the nation is only attainable through returning Muslim intellect to its authenticity and significance as it is essential to reject subordination and randomness, as well as through spreading the culture of purpose ‘المقاصدية’ among Muslim nation.


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