The Teaching of Quranic Braille: Its Issues and Current Challenges

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Norakyairee Mohd Raus
Mohd Nur Adzam Rasdi
Norazman Alias
Norhasnira Ibrahim
Norullisza Khosim
Noornajihan Jaafar
Ab. Halim Tamuri
Norshidah Mohamed Salleh
Hajarul Bahti Zakaria


Special Education Program nowadays offers religious education to students with special needs for the visually impaired, hearing, and learning specifically Quranic study. In the context of the visually impaired student, the existence of Braille Quran gives the children an opportunity to this special culture of the Quran in their daily lives. The main objective of this study is to clarify the scenario of teaching Braille Quran in Malaysia. In addition, it aims to identify the issues and challenges of Islamic Education Teachers in teaching Braille Quran. This study employs a qualitative method to make observations and interview to obtain data. The findings of this study indicate a number of issues and challenges for the teachers in teaching Braille Quran that require support and action for the students success.


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Research Article (Malay)