Isra and Mi'raj: The Miracle of Miracles (Readings from History, Physics and Astronomy)

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Hamid Majul Anna'imi


While many scholars and researches have studied Isra and Mi'raj from a historical or Shari’a (Islamic legal) perspective, very few have approached this phenomenon from an astronomical or scientific outlook. The current study discusses this miracle through the study of physical, mathematical, biological, parapsychological, and astronomical readings and indicators to make evident the supernaturalism of this event that completely defies all laws of physics, astronomy and parapsychological phenomena. The importance of studying this miracle, in light of existing scientific astrological data, is to make Muslims and non-Muslims aware of the reality of the miracle. The study indicates that the accepted estimated diameter of the visible universe, as well as any future change in this estimate due to space technological developments, bears no impact on the concept of Isra and Mi'raj. The study also makes clear that the greater the difference between and complexity of these laws, the more supernatural this miracle becomes. It further suggests that any congruity between such laws in no way negates the supernaturalism of this event. The study shows that Isra and Mi'raj are two complementary integral miracles based upon faith and the belief in Allah and His messenger (PBUH), rather than on the universal laws of physics or parapsychology, since these miracles appear to defy such laws and phenomena. The study contains two parts: The first part concern Isra and Mi’raj from a historical and philosophical point of view and the second part investigates the miracle from a physical and biological perspective.


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