Comprehensive Fortification in The Holy Qur'an

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Afaf Abdul Ghafur Hamid


Among the widely spread wisdoms today is, ‘to be fortified is better than getting treated.’ As being fortified protects one from falling into any harm which may require complicated or long span treatment. This paper intends to highlight the strategy of fortification in the Qur’an which is a basic principle not to be neglected by the Qur’an. It includes all the necessary means and tools for mankind to handle their role on earth positively. This is because it is basically set by Almighty Allah (the Creator) Who knows best the needs of His creation and what benefits them. Moreover, these strategies ensure people’s five necessities acknowledged by Muslim scholars and known as: the necessity of religion, soul, money, mind and breed. Accordingly, the means of this strategy are particular and general for the individual and the nation encompassing all walks of life to prevent slippage and troubles. Fortification in the Qur’an includes: political, economic, social, morality, medical and psychological aspects. The paper concludes that comprehensive fortification is a basic principle in the Qur’an for all fields of life to ensure people’s necessities.


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Research Article (Arabic)