Editorial Team


Chief Editor
Dr. Yam Kah Kean 嚴家建博士

Committee Members
(In Alphabetical Order)

Dr. Chai Siaw Ling 蔡晓玲博士

Dr. Ching Thing Ho 郑庭河博士

 Dr. Fan Pik Wah 潘碧华博士

Dr. Ho Kee Chye 何启才博士

Dr. Ngu Ik Tien 吴益婷博士

Dr. Ong Siew Kian 王秀娟博士

Dr. Teoh Hooi See 张惠思博士


International Advisory Board
(In Alphabetical Order)

Prof. Dr. Chen Ping Yuan 陈平原教授
Peking University, China.

Prof. Dr. Claudine Salmon 苏尔梦教授
French National Centre for Science Research, France.

Prof. Dr. Hsun Chang 张珣教授
Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

Prof. Dr. Philip Clart 柯若朴教授
University of Leipzig, Germany.

Prof. Dr. Samsul Amri Baharuddin
National University of Malaysia, Malaysia.

Prof. Dr. Wong Yoon Wah 王润华教授
Southern University College, Malaysia.