Physical Significance of the Barrier Between Two Seas and The Darkness in Deep Sea Mentioned in the Holy Quran

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Md. Khalilur Rahman


This paper discerns key ideas and themes of the Quranic science. It investigates and analyzes some verses for example 55:19-20; 25:53; 24:40; 27:61; 35:12 relating to physical oceanography. These verses indicate barrier between seas and darkness in deep sea. By using physical science phenomena this paper analyzes the mechanism of formation of barrier between two seas, the barrier between sea and river at estuary and the causes of darkness in deep sea. Although the Quran is a guide for humanity but its miracle expressed in the mentioned verses also attracts nonbelievers to Islam. This paper helps us to improve physical understanding of barrier and realization the causes of darkness in the deep sea also it helps to increase spiritual belief of believers to Almighty Allah SWT.


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