Quran Recitation Styles as Sources of Arabic Grammatical Rules: Grammarians' Perspectives

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Mariam Saeed Bel-Ajeed Al-Kitbi


Quran recitation styles have always been an indispensable source for establishing Arabic grammar rules. This paper aims to present the definition of the recitation of the Quran, its different styles and the common practice for using these styles as the standard reference to setting Arabic grammar rules.  In addition, the paper explores these styles as the basis for Arabic grammatical rules, the conditions for favouring one style over another, and the position of Arabic grammarians towards accepting the different recitation styles and citing them to establish and verify grammatical rules. Also this research aims at displaying the positions of grammarians and criticizing the positions which did not give due value to the recitations. The study focuses on Quran recitation styles in general and the position of Arabic grammarians in general. Therefore, it proposes researching the position of each Arabic grammarian towards the different recitation styles separately.


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