Al-Masā'il al-Aqadiah al-Muta'alliqah bi Hawd al-Nabi Muhammad wa Ṣifāt al-Wāridīn 'Alaihi wa al-Mamnū'ina Minhu

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Khayal Soleh Hamad
Ahmad Ali Majid


The basin is one of the scenes of the doomsday, and the Messenger of God (PBUH) has told that he has a basin in the Mahshar day that his followers who believe in him will drink from, so if they drink, they will never be thirsty after it. So, ALLAH will help the nation of Prophet (PBUM) with the basin from the intensity of the heat and the hard time of that day and the extreme thirst that takes place in it.  This basin was described by the Generous Prophet as: a basin that is a month's march in length and a month in width, and its water is whiter than milk ... his nation will drink from it.  The scholars differed on the location of the basin, some of them said that it is in the stakes of the doomsday, and some of them saw that after the balance, and the combination of these two say that it is carried on multiple drinking, and the gathering is possible that drinking for a people before the path and some after the path according to their sins. The people who drink from the basin are the believers from the nation of the Prophet PBUH, who take his Sunnah and the Sunnah of the Rightly Guided Caliphs after him, because it is the honor of ALLAH for every Muslim who followed the Sunnah and remained on it, and those forbidden from it and those who are expelled are the people of the heresies who brought to the religion of ALLAH than what it contains.


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