Al-I'jāz fī al-Inbāt al-Zirā'i min Manzūr Qurānī wa Atharuhu 'Alā al-Tanmiyah al-Fikriyyah

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Abdelrahman Monis Mohamed Mohyeldin Moha
M.Y. Zulkifli Mohd Yusoff
Abdollatif Ahmadi Ramchahi
Asmawati Muhamad


The Qur’an has illustrated many indications related to the importance of agricultural germination. The process of agricultural germination is one of the numerous studies that scientists have discovered essential findings of its miraculous aspects. However, such discoveries are constrained to certain issues in scientific area, without applicable to it is broaden sense of the intellectual da’wah and doctrinal aspects. This study aims to clarify the Qur’anic concept of the inimitability in relation to germination process, and how to utilize it in the intellectual aspects, through inductive and descriptive-analytical approaches. The researchers found that the germination process has many miraculous connotations in the Qur’anic verses that can be practically used in intellectual development, particularly in the field of Da’wah. This study affirms that the Qur’an inimitability of agricultural germination has positive effects on the practical life of an individual as well as Da’wah practices.


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Research Article (Arabic)