Quranic Reading of Imam Abu Hanifah: A Scientific Inductive Study

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‘Isam Dakhilallah Al-Harbi


The aim of this research is to study the Quranic Reading of Imam Abu Hanifa, a scientific fundamental study regarding chain of narrators and letters as well as solving the ambiguity of this reading. I tried in this research to solve the ambiguity of Imam Abu Hanifa Quranic Reading and clarify the authenticity of its attribution to him, as well as reviewing its characteristics and the general rules related to it. I reviewed the original sources of the subject, and collected the scientific contents and analyzed them according to the rules of the science of Quranic Readings. This research is divided into a preface including a brief overview of Imam Abu Hanifa, and two sections: The first included mentioning the chains of narrations of the Imam's reading and study them, and the second is to solve the ambiguity of this reading. Among the most important findings is that Imam Abu Hanifa has a Quranic reading narrated and took it from Imam Asim, Al-A'mash and others, and that this reading is attributed to him, although close to the Kufis and especially Hafs and Asim, but according to the chain of narrators this reading is not true to be attributed to the Imam, as it is fabricated and its chain of narrators is very weak, and that all ambiguous reading attributed to the Imam are linguistically true. Recommendations: the research recommends studying of the chain of narrations of the abnormal Quranic Readings, especially those readings attributed to the grand Imams, as well as studying the role of the jurisprudential doctrines on the spread of Quranic Readings in the Islamic world.


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