‘Anāṣir Al-Tafkīr Al-Nāqidi ‘inda Sayyidinā Ibrāhīma fī Al-Qiṣṣati Al-Qurāniyyah min Khilāli Taqrīr Dilfī

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Mhd Faizal Mhd Ramli
Mohd Sukki Othman
Pabiyah Hajimaming
Wan Muhammad Wan Sulong


This research aims to identify the elements of critical thinking of Prophet Ibrahim in the Qur'anic story. The Prophet Ibrahim was one of the messengers of determination, God Almighty assigned him to lead, and it is one of the difficult costs, which many strong people in mind and body are incapable of, except that the Prophet Ibrahim, whom God gave wisdom and guidance since his childhood, gives an indication that Prophet Ibrahim possesses a critical thinking. The research adopted the descriptive analytical approach through the application of critical thinking skills in the Delphi report, which are interpretation, analysis, evaluation, inference, explanation, and self-regulation as a measure of study for the elements of critical thinking. The research data was collected from the discourses of the Prophet Ibrahim that relate to the critical thinking element while he was in Iraq as mentioned in the Qur’anic story. The result concluded that the six elements of critical thinking have been presented in the Prophet Ibrahim’s thought. These elements are presented in his discourses to reach specific goals and objectives when he performed the duty of succession that God has assigned to him on this earth.


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