Maẓāhiru Ta’ẓīm Al-Baladi Al-Ḥarāmi fī Āyāt Al-Qur’āni wa Athāruhā wa Wasāiluhā Al-Mu’āṣirah

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Nawal bint Muhammad bin Zahid Ali Sirdar


The Sacred Land is vitally important to Allah, and it has a place in people’s hearts, therefore, it has to be glorified. Since some people neglected it out of ignorance or negligence, this study is entitled: “Manifestations of glorifying the Sacred Land in the Qur’an’s verses, its Effects and Contemporary Means” to raise awareness of manifestations of this glorification in the light of the Qur’anic texts by clarifying the meaning of glorification; highlighting its manifestations (concrete and moral), in Islam; and stating its effects and contemporary means to achieve it in reality. Results: Glorifying the sacred land is a legal duty, established by Allah for this Land since the creation of the heavens and the earth until the Judgment Day; confirmation of manifestations of glorification obligatory for it in Shari’a by performing rituals and preserving the sacred sites, and establishing security for it, its inhabitants and visitors through consolidation of the Ka‘bah’s status and its place in people’s hearts in general, concretely by performing Allah’s commands and avoiding His prohibitions, and morally with love, glorification and reverence for the Ka‘bah, with the necessity of harnessing contemporary means to achieve glorification and its effects in reality, and enhance the value of glorification in young people’s hearts. I recommend researchers to contribute to the development of contemporary means to achieve glorification of the Sacred Land, and to spread awareness of it, with a view to sustainability.


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