The Construction of Fundamental Values of Islamic Economics: Learning From Ulul Albāb Verses

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Aunur Rofiq
Yuniarti Hidayah Suyoso Putra
Ahmad Djalaluddin
Wildana Wargadinata
Khairul Anam


Ulul Albāb is a symbol of trusted, educated people, who can achieve a comprehensive synergy between spirituality, humanity, charity, and mental attitude when responding to the verses of Allah, whether the written verses (the Qur’an) or the verses of the cosmos (nature and its phenomenon). This study is noteworthy because Islamic economists and popular commentators of tafsir books have not widely studied Islamic economic values based on the Ulul Albāb verses. Hence, this paper aimed to construct the fundamental values of Islamic economics based on the Ulul Albāb verses. This work employed thematic exegesis and content analysis. Sixteen (16) verses in the Qur’an mentioned the term Ulul Albāb, with seven (7) verses are connected to the economic issues. This research is focused on Surah al-Baqarah (2): 197 and 269. Based on these verses, the fundamental values of Islamic economics in four (4) aspects are constructed, namely, spirituality, humanity, technical, and ethical aspects. It is expected that the study will be the model of thematic exegesis in constructing the fundamental values from various terms in the Qur’an, especially regarding actual values related to Islamic economics.


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