“Al-Turshīd fī ‘Ilm Al-Tajwid” li Ibn Abī Al-Aḥwaṣ Al-Andalusī Al-Ma‘rūf bi “Ibn Al-Nāẓir” wa Aqwāluhu fī al-Tajwīd

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Muna Musallam Alhazmi


Praise be to Allah, and prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, after that; The research introduces the book: "Al-Tarsheed fi Eilm Al-Tajwid", which is a book on the science of intonation, but this book is lost, and did not reach us, so the research came to define this great heritage, and about the owner of this heritage, the scholar Imam Al-Hussein bin Abdul Aziz bin Abi Al-Ahwas (Died 679H), known as "Ibn Al-Nazir". The research also deals with tracing and collecting everything was reported about him in the science of intonation, and finding out about his sayings and views through them. Contents of Research: The research includes an introduction and two topics. First Topic: Introduces Imam Ibn Abi Al-Ahwas. and includes seven requirements. First Requirement: Includes his name, lineage, and nickname. Second Requirement: Includes his birth and upbringing. Third Requirement: Includes his morals and knowledge. Fourth Requirement: Includes his sheikhs and students. Fifth Requirement: Includes his scientific standing, and the scholars’ praise of him. Sixth Requirement: Includes  his writings and traces. Seventh Requirement: Includes his death. Second Topic: introduces his book “Al-Tarsheed fi Eilm Al-Tajwid”, and includes two requirements. First Requirement: Introduces the book of “Al-Tarsheed”. Second Requirement: Includes his sayings and views through the sayings transmitted by scholars in their books. Conclusion: Includes the most important findings and recommendations. Findings and Recommendations: 1. The book “Al-Tarsheed fi Eilm Al-Tajwid” is one of the lost books, and considered one of the books that were written in the science of intonation in the sixth century of Hijrah. 2. The scientific status of Imam Ibn Abi Al-Ahwas in the science of intonation. 3. I recommend the researchers and students of this science to deal with the biographies of the scholars of intonation of recitations, and highlight their efforts in serving this science. 4. Specialists should interested in gathering the scientific output of the celebrities of intonation and recitations, which are broadcast in references and sources; In order for researchers interested in this science can benefit from it.


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