Manhaj Al-Imām ‘Abd Al-Raḥmān bin ‘Umar bin Abī Al-Qāsim Al-Baṣrī (684H) fī Īrādah Al-Qirā’āt

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Abd al-Rahman bin Muqbil al-Shammari


Dealing with the topic of the readings in a book of interpretation is important for those who want to know the approach of the interpreter in his presentation of the readings in his interpretation. It is indispensable for an interpreter to take advantage of the different readings in order to broaden the perceptions of his writing and composition, and to understand the verses of God - Glory be to Him -. The research aims to clarify the approach of the imam, the scholar: Nur al-Din Abi Talib Abd al-Rahman bin Umar bin Abi al-Qasim al-Basri, who died in the year 684 AH, in his reference to readings through his famous interpretation of “The End of Science in the Interpretation of the Book of God, the Living, the Sustainer. It is a model for commentators who frequently mention the readings in his interpretation, and he filled his book with frequent readings, and it is like a collection of readings of all kinds. He is one of the commentators who paid great attention to mentioning many abnormal readings, although he does not criticize them sometimes, which suggests to the reader that they are fixed. And the imam - may God have mercy on him - has very valuable words in guiding the readings, and explaining their arguments and reasons, and the reader may not find such valuables in guiding the different readings in other than his book, and he inferred many readings in the words of God - glory and majesty - Which helps the reader to understand the Quranic verse. What distinguishes this blessed book is its mention of readings of all kinds, which have a clear impact on the difference in jurisprudential rulings.


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