Paired Words of Asma' al-Husna in The Qur'an: Analysis of "al-Ghafur" and Its Pairing

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Muhamad Alihanafiah Norasid
Mohd Ammar Redza Mohd Jais


Allah SWT has good and noble names. In fact, all the good names of God (Asma' al-Husna) are also mentioned in the Quran. Interestingly, some Asma' al-Husna are expressed in pairs in one verse such as Ghafurun Rahim (غفور رحيم), Latifun Khabir (لطيف خبير), and Qawiyyun ‘Aziz (قوي عزيز). The pairing of Asma' al-Husna definitely has its secrets and wisdom that should be revealed. Therefore, this article discusses Asma' al-Husna according to the Qur'an and the word Asma' al-Husna that is paired in it. The analysis of the word Asma' al-Husna is focused on the word of "al-Ghafur" and its pairing. This study uses the thematic analysis method of exegesis, text analysis method, and descriptive method. As a result of the research, there are 44 of the 99 Names of Allah that are paired with each other in the Quran. While the name of Allah "al-Ghafur" has 88 times the frequency with other names of Allah. The significance of the pairing of the word "al-Ghafur" is analyzed based on the aspect of mutual meaning, the aspect of similar meaning, the aspect of opposite meaning, as well as the aspect of taqdim and ta'khir. With the study of Asma' al-Husna paired in the Qur'an, the secret and wisdom of the paired word of Asma' al-Husna can be revealed thus strengthening faith, as well as instilling the soul of meditation (tadabbur) on the Word of God Almighty. The revelation of the word of Asma' al-Husna also highlights the miracles of the Qur'an through research on the redaction of words and verses.


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