Regulatory Controls on the Desire for Wealth from the Quranic Perspective

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Radwan Jamal Youssef Elatrash
Farzaneh Balali Banaderi


This research aims to shed light on the great Qur’an’s approach to regulating the lust for collecting money, as the Qur’anic discourse considered money as lust and its love is embedded in the soul of every human being, as money is the brother of the soul and his love blinds and deafens. And because it is a lust whose owner may enter Hell or Heaven, the Qur’an has taken several organizational steps to deal with this lust in a way that does not make him indulge in it because it is a lust that kills or saves. The role of this paper is to investigate these organizational steps by extrapolating the verses of money in the Qur’anic discourse. The nature of this research requires that we use the inductive method to track down the details of the lust for money by referring to the wise verses that talk about money, then it is necessary to use the analytical method to discuss what the commentators have said about this serious issue. The research reached the following results: Money is lust, and if it seizes the heart of man, it will lead him to the stage of slavery and absolute surrender. That is why the Qur’an recommended not hoarding with continuous spending until it becomes a moral and a culture. One of the most important organizational steps for the lust for money is that it made money safe from thieves and made spending a compulsion for the rich and the poor to get used to this manner and this culture.


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