Ibtilā’ Al-Mursalīn wa Al-Anbiyā’ bi Al-Dhurriyyah fī Al-Qur’ān Al-Karīm Ya‘qūb wa Sulaymān ‘alayhimā Al-Salām Anmūdhajan – Dirāsah Mawḍū‘iyyah

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Mahdi Kais Abdul Karim Al-Janabi


This study deals with the issue of the messengers and prophets afflicted with children in the Holy Qur’an. The researcher chose two models of the messengers and prophets ، peace be upon them، who were afflicted with children، namely، the Prophet of God Jacob، and his Prophet Solomon، peace be upon them both. The children got rid of their brother Joseph، peace be upon him، out of envy، and the Prophet of God Solomon، peace be upon him، was afflicted with the hardship of a son whom God gave him from his family; Because he did not make an exception by will if he circumambulated his wives، asking for children to prepare them for jihad in the way of God، and the study clarified the result of this trial and the position of both the Messengers، peace be upon them، regarding this trial، and it became clear to the researcher through it that this trial is a cosmic law that occurred in the world for some of the good chosen ones for a divine wisdom، which we mentioned some of in this study.


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