Shurūḥ Manẓūmah Al-Durar Al-Lawāmi‘ fī Aṣl Maqra’ Al-Imām Nāfī‘ li Al-Imām Abī Al-Ḥasan bin Barrī

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Yzeed Mohamad Alamar


The problem of this study is the presence of obscure explanations, which aim to introduce them. In his study, the researcher adopted the method of description and analysis. He concluded with a number of results, the most important of which are: Bin Berri is at the forefront in various sciences. One of the most important manifestations of the interest of scholars in the Maghreb in the text of Durar al-Lawaima is teaching the text with permission, their interest in explaining the text in detail, which exceeded seventy explanations. Al-Kharaz’s explanation is considered one of the most important explanations of Al-Durar. Because he was a contemporary of Ibn Bari and offered him his explanation, and because he followed a distinct approach to analyzing words, good division of chapters and chapters, and useful brevity. The researcher recommended that the manuscript explanations should be investigated and studied. Because there is still an urgent need to reveal it, and the necessity of revealing the condition of many of the authors of the explanations of this text, and clarifying their position in this art.


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