Ma‘ālim Binā’ Al-Ḥaḍārah fī Al-Qur’ān Al-Karīm: Dirāsah Mawḍū‘iyyah

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Mohamed Amine Hocini


This research seeks to clarify the milestones of civilization development in the light of the Qur’ān through a thematic study. The problem of the research is that the Holy Qur’ān’s discussion about the milestones of civilization came dispersed in its verses and surahs; Therefore, standing on the comprehensive perception of those milestones was somewhat difficult. Thus, there was an urgent need to extrapolate the Holy Qur’ān to determine the milestones of civilizational development and present them in a clear and integrated manner as the Holy Qur’ān wanted them. This research is important; because it is concerned with explaining the milestones of civilization in the Qur’ānic view and the mechanisms for developing it, and it is a subject that the Ummah greatly needs considering the decline that it has been experiencing for a long time. The research will adopt the inductive method by following the relevant Qur’ānic verses and then analyzing them with the help of some related sources and references. The research reached a set of results, the most important of which are: that, civilization development is in fact a human development, but on a collective level of an interactive nature, and that the civilization development in light of Qur’ān has three major aspects which are: the social, the political and economic aspects. and the Qur’ānic approach develops these aspects with effective mechanisms and means that suit each field and guarantee the success of the development process.


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