Māhiyah Al-Siyāq Al-Qur’ānī, wa Al-Radd ‘alā Ba‘ḍ Al-Ta’wīlāt Al-Mu‘āṣirah

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Alaa Sami Al-Rahmani
Abdallah El-Khatib


Nowadays we see many of those claiming innovation in understanding the Noble Qur’an have proceeded from principles and approaches far from scientific bases. All the methods that took care of the interpretation of texts - even the modern Western ones which some of these people relied on in the study of the Qur'an - have reached the importance of the context and its elements and considered it a pillar in understanding texts. If these researchers looked closely at the methods that they called for applying to the Qur’an, and tried to seek the scientific method in research, they would have reached the correct understanding of the verses. Hence the importance of this research stems in highlighting their mistakes in not understanding the significance of the context. These errors are not disputed by a person of insight, whether he is a scholar of Sharia or other than them. In addition, the context, with its internal and external elements, ensures that the meanings of texts are preserved from deviation, and the context is the correct mechanism upon which the work of linguists and others should rely on for correctly understanding and analyzing texts. This is also what our scholars' previous studies and analyzes of meaning say.


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