Rectification of Al-Samin Al-Halabi on Abi Bakr Ibn Al-Anbari in his interpretation of Al-Durr Al-Masun through Surat Al-Baqarah: Collection, Study and Balance

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Ali Abdullah Saleh Alkarbi
Nayel Abu Zaid


The aim of the researcher from his study is to clarify the issues in which Al-Samin Al-Halabi disagrees with Abu Bakr bin Al-Anbari in his book Al-Durr Al-Masun fi Ulum al-Kitab al-Maknoun through Surat Al-Baqara, collecting, studying and balancing, and Quoting the sayings of scholars on the same issue and their weightings, The research problem lies in finding out the extent of remedial and repercussions of Al-Samin Al-Halabi for Abi Bakr Al-Anbari and its impact on removing confusion or ambiguity. In his study, the researcher followed the description and critical analysis method; according to what is required by the scientific material to study its problems and questions. In his conclusion, the researcher concluded with several results, the most prominent of which were: That al-Samin Al-Halabi possessed a vast culture that included interpretation, hadith, statement, and language, Which enriched the Islamic library with his writings and won a great place in the hearts of scholars. Al-Sameen Al-Halabi followed multiple ways and methods in redressing Ibn Al-Anbari, as he used explicit and non-express formulas between his opinion on them and his choice of reasoning and mentioning the evidence of it. Most of al-Samyn al-Halabi's corrections concerned grammatical issues in his book al-Durr al-Masun fi Ulum al-Kitab al-Maknoun, and it is considered as one of the interpretations that generally took care of the linguistic aspect. Al-Sameen agreed with the rectifications of his Sheikh Aba Hayyan Al-Andalusi. The researcher took the path of weighting in the rectifications and investigations of Al-Samin Al-Halabi on the views of Al-Anbari, relying on the sayings of other scholars as an equal measure in weighting. The researcher recommended that a comprehensive scientific treatise be singled out in the issues with which Al-Samin Al-Halabi Al-Anbari agreed and disagreed.


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