Linguistics Applications of DeBojerand and Dressler’s Theory on The Qur’an Text

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Ayad N. Abdullah
Adnan Mohd Yusof
Nur Azizi Ismail


The Qur’an -was and still- the focus of the world’s philosophers, sociologists and orientalists’ scholars. This linguistic theory or some of its standards were applied on the Qur’anic texts in many thesis, dissertations and articles. The problem confined that the applications outcomes came with so many linguistic findings that burden the Great Qur’an meaning with language details, contribute to the dispersal of meanings among the theory seven criteria. Most of the findings were modest and also intuitive, such as; the text in this Surah coherent. The research questions were: What is the validity of the Text Grammar Theory’s applications on the Holy Qur’an in the interpretive aspect? How these applications constitute contributions to the development of contemporary Quranic studies? Many applications were analyzed according to the analytical method. Findings revealed that; these applications cannot be considered as interpretations, nor contribute to provide an understanding of the meanings of the Qur'an. Those studies used the Qur’an to provide a better understanding of the theory standards, while they supposed to do the opposite. Further research on these linguistic applications on the Qur’an is recommended.


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