A Mathematical and Historical Analysis and Verification of the Miraculous Number Nineteen in the Noble Qur'an

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Yousry Sidrak


Among the hundreds of claims of numerical miracles in the Noble Qur'an, the miraculous number 'nineteen' is, probably, the most controversial one. Despite the rejection of many Muslim scholars, there is a widespread support of the claim, as evidenced by the multitude of publications. In his book, ‘The Computer Speaks: Allah's Message to the World’, published in 1981, Dr Rashad Khalifa claimed that the inclusion of number 'nineteen' in the Qur'an 74: 27-30 is all that Muslims need to understand in order to confirm, beyond any shadow of doubt, that the Noble Qur'an is divine and can only have one author, that is Allah.  This research paper presents a mathematical investigation and a balanced evaluation of what Khalifa described as 'Physical facts' in his book. In addition, and since there is a strong correlation between all claims of numerical inimitability and the historicity of the Noble Qur'an, this paper discusses the effect of the historicity of the Noble Qur'an on the claim of a miraculous number 'nineteen'. Mathematical investigation and verification of Dr Khalifa's calculations have been overlooked by scholars in this field, hence the significance of this research paper. In addition, Muslim scholars who have argued against a miraculous number 'nineteen' have not, in most cases, presented an academic analysis in support of their arguments, but rather an emotional and personal criticism of the person of Dr Khalifa, especially after he claimed to be an apostle of Allah.


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