“Alsabians” In the Holly Quran’an: Analytical Study

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Thabet Ahmad Abu-Alhaj
Sedek Ariffin


This research deals with three verses which nearly are the same of each other. These verses are contained the word "Sabians " ، which came in three different places in the Qura’an. Firstly ،in Surat Al-Baqarah () verse: 62. Secondly ،in Surat Al-Maida () verse: 69. And thirdly it comes ،in Surat of Hajj () verse: 17. This research addresses the word ،" Sabians " ، through different aspects: the fact of this community ،"Sabians" ،how the word came differently before and after the word Christians and the role of context and history to resolve this confusion especially how the word came in Surat “Al_Maida” different in the form. The research aims to discuss these issues to resolve the confusion by showing the exact meaning of the word ،" Sabians " ، and make the reader more understanding as well as showing the value and the miracle of this single Qur'anic word.


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